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If the boycott works Why do we still need dialogue?

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict US-led Western sanctions has gone too far This includes trade, finance, energy, media, technology, aerospace, culture, art and sport. Even cats, dogs and plants from Russia have also fallen victim to sanctions.

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Since the Crimea crisis in 2014, the United States and its allies have begun enforcing economic sanctions against Russia. In addition, the US government often enforces sanctions using the dollar as a weapon.

The US and its allies immediately expelled Russia from SWIFT. Controversy erupts in Ukraine. It not only affects the economy of the sanctioned country. but also other economies and their people

But the US's frequent use of weapons in currency domination. will push others to develop their own payment mechanism This will undermine the dollar's primacy in the long run as the US loses its dominance over the currency.

Uncle Sam will shoot himself in the way. The United States has not only joined the alliance in sanctions against Russia. but also forcing other countries to "take sides". It seems that if one is not against Russia One is on the wrong side of history,

but more than 140 of the 190 UN member countries have not followed the US. in sanctions against Russia Which proves that for the US "right-wing" is just a dominant rhetoric.
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