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After Instagram, Snapchat added its own collaborative content.

Social networks are becoming more and more collaborative, and many are rolling out new features that encourage user interaction. Snapchat is now joining the club with a new feature called Shared Stories.

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The latest craze on the social network appears to be collaborative content. Instagram now allows users to publish common content across two accounts. Snapchat's turn to offer similar options. but for the story Users can now

allow friends to add content to their stories. This leads to a mix of content that can help increase engagement on Snapchat in creating shared stories. Simply select a friend from your list that you want to

allow to contribute to the story. The generated content will then appear in the accounts of these users, Snap explains, who share the explanatory video on YouTube.

Selected Snapchatters can choose which friends to add to the loop. In return, they can create their own shared content. However, users who block friends in the share loop will receive a notification.
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